We,Nasastyle is a company specialized in the paper patterns making of clothes.

In order to form the design of the clothes, you will need paper patterns to indicate how the material to be cut.
Nasastyle has created this paper patterns.

Establishment of Nasastyle was in 1977, 30 years or more have already passed, however our paper patterns making had been started before. Nowadays, most of the apparel-related production base are located in China, however the base was in Korea in the previous period, and in more earlier period was in Taiwan.

The roots of our paper patters have come from the period when there were many Japanese business firms and apparel-related companies located in Taiwan, and sold their products their apparel in Japan.

We have studied the importance of the needs of high quality of paper patterns to meet the strict delivery schedule and maintain high quality through our long experience. And then, we have started to make the best and competitive paper patterns by ourselves.

Nowadays, drafting by using computers and utilizing CAD system for preparing paper patterns has become common, but the situation had been difficult in the past. In that period, we had developed the CAD system for paper patterns with SHIMA SEIKI Mfg.,Ltd.. as pioneer, and it drastically improved the convenience of the paper patterns formation by CAD. This system called as “PGM” , has been updated in many times, and the latest version “SDS ONE APEX Ⅳ” has been used by us.

We are aiming to make high-level and high-quality paper patterns which competitors can’t copy through these system development and accumulation of know-how. As a result of our long-continued works, we have produced a high-quality paper patterns through the business with major business firms and the major trading companies and the major sports brand holders.

Policy of Nasastyle

Nasastyle produces paper patterns for many sports brands, however we have business with only one company in every category.
For example, we don’t seek additional business in soccer category if we’ve already had business with one company in soccer related company.
This means that the similar paper patterns have never come by us, and we can show that we don’t share same paper patterns with several customers.

Every process has been completed in-house, and we don’t outsource our process. It enables us to meet the strict delivery schedule and prevent the leaks of information which have been transferred to the out-sourcing companies.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our company.

Contact Us:pattern@nasastyle.co.jp

Company Info

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Nasastyle Co.,Ltd
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